Renata Dabal

Double Ripple

Sterling silver pendant [$200] [Enquire]

Double Ripple earrings

Oxidised sterling silver earrings [$210] [Enquire]

Golden Ripple

Oxidised sterling silver, 18ct gold pendant [$485] [Enquire]

Double Ripple earrings

Sterling silver, earrings [$210] [Enquire]

Ripple Cuff

Sterling silver, wrist cuff [$450] [Enquire]

Golden Ripple Earrings

18ct yellow gold earrings [$430] [Enquire]


Sterling silver gold plated earrings [$210] [Enquire]

Ripple Bangle

Sterling silver bangle [$330] [Enquire]

Ripple Earrings Large

Sterling silver earrings [$210] [Enquire]

Ripple Earrings Small

Sterling silver earrings [$170] [Enquire]

Renata Dabal

Renata Dabal graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gold and Silversmithing, with Honors in 2004 and has since pursued a career as an educator and maker.

She is drawn to the meditative qualities of the hammering process and enjoys the way precious metal responds to the hammer blows creating texture and form. Within this focus lies a satisfaction in the potential variations and irregularities of the final outcome.

Her current work explores the undulating lines of the movement and rippling of water surfaces on metal with deft and thoughtful/considered hammering.

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