Nicky Hepburn

Petits Pois 1

18ct yellow gold diamond ring   [$2,885]   [Enquire]


18ct yellow gold, white diamond   [$2,240]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 2

18ct yellow gold diamond earrings   [$1,790]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 3

18ct white gold diamond ring   [$3,900]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 4

18ct yellow gold and oxidised silver neckpiece   [$690]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 5

18ct white gold diamond ring   [$2,700]   [Enquire]


18ct white, yellow gold, diamond ring   [$2,560]   [Enquire]
18ct white gold, diamond ring   [$2,440]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 6

18ct yellow gold cognac and champagne diamond ring   [$4,400]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 7

18ct yellow gold garnet earrings   [$950]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 8

Sterling silver Tsavorite garnet and tourmaline ring   [$880]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 9

18ct yellow gold ruby & diamond ring   [$2,610]   [Enquire]


18ct yellow gold, fine gold, Rhodolite garnet, oxidised & fine silver neckpiece   [$1,975]   [Enquire]

Petits Pois 10

Sterling silver 18ct yellow gold earrings   [$575]   [Enquire]


18ct white gold diamond earring   [$2,550]   [Enquire]


Sterling silver oxidised earrings   [$460]   [Enquire]