Nicola Bannerman

Shell 1

Argentium silver, bonded gold pendant [$440]

Shell 3

Argentium silver, stainless cable neckpiece [$450]

Shell 4

Argentium silver, stainless cable neckpiece [$790]

Four Leaf

Argentium silver, 14ct yellow gold leaf pendant [$630]

2 Leaf

14ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold earrings [$1,210]

3 Leaf Neckpiece

Argentium silver, 9ct rose gold pendant [$640]

3 Leaf

Argentium silver, 9ct rose gold earrings [$550]

Shell 7

Argentium silver, pendant [14 x 45cm, Chain 49cm] [$390]

Nicola Bannerman

Nicola’s art has ranged quite broadly, from small wearables to objects and installations of industrial proportions. She draws inspiration from shapes, textures and rhythms in the natural world, especially recurring forms such as cocoons, waves, crystalline structures and spirals, all of which are commonly appropriated as symbols for human needs and emotions: self protection, persistence, connectedness and perpetuation. Her work often contains oblique references to such themes.

With a fine sense of irony, her concern for the underlying vulnerability of humanity is worked out through the hardest materials of nature: its metals and gemstones. Indeed, the interplay of fragility and durability sometimes provokes a gentle determination to make the materials behave in unnatural ways, to set form in opposition to material.

Artist’s Bench