Lauren Trojkovic


Sterling silver, London blue topaz, baroque pearl, hook earrings [$310]

Droplet, small

Sterling silver, fresh water pearl earring [$150]

Droplet Necklace

Sterling silver and fresh water pearl neckpiece [$255]


Sterling silver, fresh water pearl earring [$265]

Island Pendant

Sterling silver, London blue Topaz, yellow sapphire freshwater pearl [$250]

Storm Earrings

Sterling silver green sapphire, blue Topaz, Garnet earrings [$360]

Lavender Neckpiece

sterling silver, purple tourmaline pendant [$299]

Stepping Stone Necklace

Sterling silver fresh water pearl necklace [$170]


Sterling silver, Ceylon and yellow sapphire, baroque pearl, stud earrings [$420]

Lauren Trojkovic

Lauren Trojkovic’s work brings together sculptural forms and textural embellishment, along with flashes of colour. She is inspired by the naturally occurring linework and patterns seen in nature from above and regularly draws inspiration from aerial photography. Her work draws on these elements, textures and patterns in a contemporary way and sees her create unique pieces of wearable art, utilising alternative materials whilst adhering to sustainable practices.

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