Darren Harvey

Diamonds / Diamonds – Hex

9ct yellow gold band [3.35mm wide band] [$960]
Diamond 9ct gold, red spinel ring [3.35mm wide band, 7mm wide at setting] [$1,750]

Hexagonal - Green/Yellow

Sterling silver yellow sapphire [$575]
Round, sterling silver Chrome tourmaline [$560]


Sterling silver signet ring [13.15mm wide, 5.9mm at rear of band] [$340]  

Square Pyramids

Sterling silver square studs [12.5 x 12.5mm] [$175]

Landscape Cuff/ Pearlite

Sterling silver bangle [10.5mm wide, 63.5mm interior x 47mm] [$380]
Sterling silver bangle [27.1mm wide, 59.95mm interior] [$800]

Landscape 4 / Pearlite 2

Sterling silver wrist cuff [10.5mm wide, 63.5 x 47mm] [$380]
Sterling silver wrist cuff [10.5mm wide, 63.5 x 47mm] [$395]

Darren Harvey

Darren Harvey has worked with metal since 1985. From aluminium to stainless steel, he has incorporated processes from traditional hand practices to complex machining, enjoying the dialogue between maker and material along the way.

The possibility of creative expression through the art of jewellery was suggested by travels in Italy and France in 1996. On his return to Australia Darren undertook tuition in silversmithing under Danish silver craftsmen in Sydney. An interest in gems both precious and non-precious followed, resulting in a diploma in gemology.

Moving to Melbourne; and having the opportunity to work with other contemporary jewellery designers, has inspired Darren to hand craft individual pieces. He is in constant wonder of space, geometric form, and the creative process.

My works explore the relationship between form and space; material and texture, with simplistic harmony my ultimate goal.

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