Catherine Large

Oblong Link Chain

Sterling Silver [90cm length, adjustable] [$350]


Sterling Silver, Deep Sky Blue Vitreous Enamel [32 x 20.8mm] [$300]

Pointed Oval Link Chain

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold [90cm length, adjustable] [$450]

Offset Square

Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Yellow Vitreous Enamel [29.7 x 18.2mm] [$330]

Single Pointed Oval

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold [50 x 16mm] [$220]

Offset Square Mismatch

Sterling Silver, Turquoise Vitreous Enamel [29.7 x 18.2mm] [$300]

Offset Oval

Sterling Silver, Blue Vitreous Enamel [29.3 x 20.6mm] [$300]

Offset Oval Mismatch

Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Green Vitreous Enamel [29.9 x 20.6mm] [$330]

Catherine Large

I work with predominantly recycled and reused materials, both precious and non-precious including vitreous enamel.

I often make work with objects I have found or collected over many years; these may sit for some time before it becomes clear how I will approach using them, and where they belong in my work. These objects can stimulate memories and transport us to another time and place, with the memories of events and people made more real and tangible.

Handling material and tools to form the work connects me to a long history of the handmade; craftsmen using tools and materials available to them to tell a story, to make a useful object or piece of adornment, or sometimes for the sheer pleasure of using tools that bear the marks of extended use and care, and have a history of their own.

It is a contemplative process and engages with the extraneous ephemera found within a home, its nature and use, as well as the deeply human desire to adorn ourselves.

Artist’s Bench