Belinda Newick

Tree of Life 1

Sterling silver, diamond earrings [$350] [Enquire]
Sterling silver earrings [$220] [Enquire]

Tree of Life 2

Sterling silver, diamond pendant [$365] [Enquire]

Tree of Life 3

18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [$1,350] [Enquire] 18ct white gold, diamond rings [$1,320] [Enquire]

Tree of Life 4

18ct white gold and diamond ring [$1,320] [Enquire]

Oval 1

Sterling silver diamond ring [$465] [Enquire]

Oval 2

18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [$855] [Enquire]

Frangipani 1

Sterling silver brooch [$POA] [Enquire]

Frangipani 2

Sterling silver earrings [$220] [Enquire]

Tree of Life 5

Stirling silver earrings [$270] [Enquire]

Frangipani 3

Stirling silver earrings [$220] [Enquire]

Belinda Newick

Belinda Newick is a contemporary Jeweller whose work explores cultural hybridity and place. She combines handcrafted traditional techniques and computer engraved processes to capture the emotions, imprints and memories of life through subtle applied surface textures.

Newick's maintains a diverse practice as a studio based jeweller, hand making bespoke commission jewellery and acupuncture tools, as well as exhibiting and teaching the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic at the Fairfield and Prahran campuses.

Originally from W.A. Newick spent six years in South Australia at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Gray Street Workshop and Zu design jewellery + objects, before settling in Melbourne in 2005.

Newick has been the recipient of two grants international grants, with an Asialink Residency; Sri Lanka 2004 and another in Kerala, India 2001. She has exhibited in Asia, New Zealand and the USA and maintains an exhibition and gallery profile in Australia and overseas.

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