Yuri Fujiyama


Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold [34.4mm, 23.9mm] [$700]

Sashiko Pendant

Sterling Silver [34.5mm. 60cm chain] [$815]

Eclipse Earrings

Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold [34.4mm, 23.9mm] [$700]

Sakura Pendant

Sterling Silver [39.4mm, 33.6mm. 64cm chain] [$625]

Blossom Back

Oxidised Sterling Silver[41.4mm, 24.8mm. 60cm chain] [$1,300]

Eclipse Pendant

Sterling Silver [38.6mm, 63cm chain] [$1,265]


Sterling Silver [38.9mm, 33.2mm. 64cm chain] [$625]

Yuri Fujiyama

Yuri’s refined eye for line and form is influenced by her mother’s traditional timber working skills. As a child she observed her deftly carving a solid piece of timber to create sculptural furniture forms, which were engraved and decorated.

Yuri was introduced to silver during her fine art diploma. It quickly became her material of choice as she learnt to shape and form the metal during further Silversmithing studies at NMIT.

The Sterling Silver is pressed in a 20 tonne hydrolic press to create depth and volume. Utilising the sculptural process of removing materials to reveal pattern and form Yuri hand pierces into the silver surface, removing silver to create shape and form. The pattern is balanced in scale and detail so that the front and back allow an optical illusion of depth and shadow. It’s a time consuming and absorbing process that requires mindful focus.

Shadows from foliage and nature create patterns that are reinterpreted in silver.

Artist’s Bench