Georgie Brooks

Textura Freeform 3

9ct yellow gold, freeform portrait cut sapphire stud drop earrings [$1,990]

Textura Newlyn

9ct yellow gold, Australian green sapphire ring [2mm band] [$2,050]


Sterling silver hoop earrings [Sml 29mm, Lrg 53mm] [Sml $270, Lrg $380]

Textura Solitaire

18ct yellow gold, blue Australian sapphire ring [2-2.5mm band] [$2,800]

Textura: Cross Hatch / Dot / Dot 2

9ct yellow gold ring [4.7mm band] [$POA]   
9ct yellow gold ring [3.3mm band] [$1,300]   
18ct yellow gold ring [2.8mm band] [$2,025]   

Textura Superhero

18ct yellow gold, custom cut Australian sapphire ring [2.7mm band] [$3,640]

Textura Freeform

9ct yellow gold, oxidised sterling silver, Australian sapphire pendant [50cm Chain] [$1,195]

Textura Freeform 2

18ct yellow gold, Australian sapphire stud earrings [$POA]

Textura - Green

9ct yellow gold, Australian green sapphire, oxidised sterling silver pendant [7.3mm, Chain 50cm] [$675]

Textura Montipora

18ct yellow gold, custom cut Australian green/blue sapphire ring [2.1mm band] [$4,285]

Textura Cross hatch - wide / Textura Dot - silver

Sterling silver ring [4.7mm band] [$250]   
Sterling silver ring [3mm band] [$250]   

Textura nesting box

18ct white gold, blue and green Australian sapphire ring [2.2mm band ] [$5,935]

Terrain - dot

Sterling silver D shape stud earring [$200]

Folded - circle texture

Oxidised sterling silver bangle [$360]

Terrain - triangle

Sterling silver D shape hook earrings [$270]

Textura Dot - bar

9ct yellow gold, diamond earrings [$840]

Textura Interchange

Sterling silver, 24ct gold keum boo neckpiece [$420]

Crosshatch - Narrow / Luna

18ct yellow gold ring [2.8mm band] [$1,400]   
18ct yellow gold, Ceylon sapphire ring [3.5mm band] [$2,000]   


Oxidised sterling silver pendant [$270]

The Spaces in Between

Oxidised Sterling silver, 24ct gold keum boo earrings [$395]

Georgie Brooks

Prior to contemporary jewellery, Georgie designed exhibitions for cultural institutions here in Melbourne, London and New York. Her jewellery practice combines her interests in History, Exhibitions and Contemporary Jewellery. Terrain and Textura collections are handmade in her Melbourne studio.

Terrain explores manipulating highly recognisable & common surfaces so that they become weathered and worn. The transformation of these surfaces becomes an imperfect impression on her work and creates a second narrative.

Textura features engagement, wedding and dress rings crafted in gold and silver with ethically sourced Australian gemstones. These tiny sculptures have been influenced by antiquities and the forms of the gemstones by coral formations, architectural perspectives, stained glass and alternative geometries. Georgie’s process explores hand etching and 3D printed surfaces which she combines with hand carving. This merging of ancient techniques with new technologies is of great interest.

The provenance of Georgie’s gems is paramount in her selection. Each Sapphire is individually chosen from the Australian Queensland gemfields, specifically the Rubyvale, Sapphire & Scrub Lead. Working with a local master craftsman from Castlemaine, the rough material is hand cut into customised shapes which ensures the quality and precision of the faceting which enhances the natural sapphire.

Artist’s Bench