Jennifer Martin

Ear Wings

Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl [28 x 6.8mm] [$230]

Flight path

Sterling Silver, Topaz, Freshwater Pearl [24.5 x 20.6mm, 50cm chain] [$390]

Frass Cake Ring

9ct rose gold, white diamond ring [10.69 x 11 x 8.3mm high setting, 2.5mm band] [$2,520]

Sea Star

18ct yellow gold, Akoya pearl stud earrings [25.7 x 11.90mm] [$2,940]

Frass Ring

18ct yellow gold, blue sapphires, white diamond ring [5.3-2.75mm wide] [$2,835]

Pink Star

Sterling silver, Australian pink sapphire pendant [17 x 20mm, chain length 48cm] [$350]

Written in the Stars

Sterling silver neckpiece [13 x 30.8mm, 11.6 x 20mm, Total length 46cm] [$290]

Star 2

Sterling silver hook earrings [35.08 x 13.22mm] [$210]


18ct yellow gold earrings [17 x 16mm] [$1,660]

Deep sea light

18ct yellow gold, 9ct gold, blue sapphires, ring [11.51mm wide setting, 3.98mm wide] [$2,100]

Gold Star

18ct yellow gold, diamond, oxidised sterling silver pendant [12.5 x 13.7mm, Chain length 45cm] [$950]

Star 3

Sterling silver hook earrings [12 x 25mm] [$180]

River Star

Sterling silver, freshwater pearl stud earrings [12 x 25mm] [$380]

Star 4

Sterling silver hook earrings [16 x 25mm] [$290]

Overlapping Feather

18ct yellow gold ring [4.26mm wide, 1.88mm at rear of band] [$1,765]

Bluebird of Happiness

Sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, blue sapphire neckpiece [Chain length 45cm] [$550]


18ct yellow gold hand engraved studs [5 x 14mm] [$960]

Blue star

Sterling silver, Australian blue sapphire pendant [17 x 20mm, chain length 48cm] [$350]

Ear Wings

Sterling silver, 18ct gold, black fresh water pearl earrings [$390]

Star - Aquamarine

Sterling silver, aquamarine pendant [17 x 20mm, chain length 48cm] [$350]

Star Spangle

Sterling silver bangle with charm [Diamond 13mm, Charm 11.8 x 22.3mm] [$460]

Bowerbird – spinel

Sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, black faceted spinel neckpiece [50mm] [$630]

Wrist Wing

Sterling silver, engraved bangle [13.8mm, 3mm round wire, Internal diam.r 65mm] [$450]

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gold and Silversmithing from RMIT University as well as a Masters of Fine Art. She has been making jewellery professionally and has maintained an artistic practice for 15 years.

Her work explores the traces of narrative found in the forest, the sea and the sky. Her jewellery reflects upon the spiritual connection we have with each other: human, animal, avian, aquatic, celestial and mineral.

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