Tamara Dixon

Narrow Chainmail

Fine silver bracelet, hand made catch [W 14.3mm, 18.5cm long] [$305]


Fine silver bracelet [W 8.6mm, 19.8cm long] [$225]

Garland Ivy

Fine silver bracelet [W 7.5mm, 19.5cm long] [$245]


Sterling silver bracelet [W 14.3mm, 20cm long] [$485]


Sterling silver bracelet [W 8.75mm, 22cm long] [$410]

Tamara Dixon

Tamara has been hand making chain since 2006, a passion which was ignited during her Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Manufacture.

Tamara was fascinated very early in life with old tools and the techniques that had not changed in hundreds of years. Technology is certainly changing the jewellery industry but I think it is important that the old skills and techniques are not lost.

Tamara works extensively with textures and organic shapes, often letting the metals determine the final shape of an element. All pieces are entirely hand-made and soldered.

Artist’s Bench