Mary Hackett

I’ve Got A Crush On You

Repurposed Steel Cans [67mm internal diam.] [$300]

I’ve Got A Crush On You - Wide Oval

Repurposed Steel Cans [67 x 64mm internal diam.] [$300]

I’ve Got A Crush On You – Oval

Repurposed Steel Cans [70 x 62mm internal diam.] [$300]

Mary Hackett

Through the bangle series, ‘I’ve got a crush on you’, Mary Hackett explores material value and human connections. These bangles are forged from steel reclaimed from mass-produced cans discarded after the contents have been emptied to cook a meal. The cans once endured processes that transformed iron into steel. From the steel, they were manufactured into economical vessels to hold food. When their usefulness in the kitchen has ended, Mary gives them new life by crushing and forging them to create bangles that are individual and idiosyncratic.

‘I’ve got a crush on you’ reminds us of the fragility of the materials that we use while suggesting the frailty of our emotions. A crush, after all, is the act of demolishing by force. A romantic crush can make our hearts sing or break.

Mary is an Australian artist, metalsmith, sculptor, jeweller and teacher based in Naarm/Melbourne. In 2019, Mary completed a PhD in Fine Art which focused on historical and material agencies of both blacksmithing and sculpture. For this research she produced a series of sculptures exploring matter interactions involved in a blacksmithing quench. Mary has exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in public and private collections.

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