Katheryn Leopoldseder

Mini Flower – 1

18ct yellow gold, diamond pendant [12.74 x 9.15mm, 42-45cm adjustable chain] [$1,790]

Mini Flower – 2

18ct yellow gold, diamond stud earrings [8.80mm diameter] [$1,610]

Petite Flower – Round Gold

18ct Yellow Gold, Ruby [12.8mm diam., Chain: 41–44cm] [$2,690]

Petite Flower Hook

18ct Yellow Gold, Rubies [21.65mm, 11.73mm] [$2,410]

Vintage Flower - Amazonite

Sterling Silver, Amazonite beads, Yellow Sapphire [16.65mm diam., 40cm length ] [$390]

Petite Flower – Emerald

18ct Yellow Gold, Emerald [11.7mm diam., 1.7mm wire] [$2,260]

Vintage flower – square gold

9ct yellow gold, diamond pendant [Pendant 20mm, adjustable chain 42-45cm] [$1,810]

Textured Ring Cup

18ct yellow gold, Australian Green sapphire ring [Band width 3mm] [$5,200]

Vintage flower - teardrop

9ct yellow gold, diamond pendant [Pendant 20mm x 27mm, adjustable chain 42-45cm] [$1,610]

Vintage flower - teardrop hook

9ct yellow gold, diamond earrings [$POA]

Vintage flower - petite rose

9ct rose gold, diamond pendant [Disk 14mm, chain 46.5cm] [$1,610]

Vintage flower - petite rose hook

9ct rose gold, diamond hook earrings [Disk 12.5mm, total length 23mm] [$1,590]

Textured Ruby cup

18ct white gold, Burmese ruby, diamond ring [Band width 3.7mm] [$5,800]

Vintage flower - large

Sterling silver, red garnet earrings [Disk 15.5mm, total length 27mm] [$330]

White textured diamond

18ct white gold, diamond ring [Band width 3.7mm] [$2,590]

Vintage flower - petite yellow

9ct yellow, gold diamond ring [Disk 12mm] [$910]

Vintage flower - Chalcedony

Chalcedony blue beads, sterling silver, sapphire neckpiece [Disk 12mm, total length 42cm] [$390]

Vintage flower - yellow

Sterling silver, yellow sapphire ring [Disk 13.5mm] [$260]

Vintage flower - gold

18ct yellow gold, diamond stud earrings [Disk 8.8mm] [$1,690]

Yellow textured diamond

18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [Band width 3mm] [$2,390]

Vintage flower - mini

Sterling silver, ruby stud earrings [Disk 9mm] [$260]

Vintage flower - rose

9ct rose gold, diamond stud earrings [Disk 11.65mm] [$1,310]

Vintage flower - petite sapphire

Sterling silver, blue sapphire pendant [Disk 14mm, adjustable chain 42-46cm] [$260]

Vintage flower - petite stud

Sterling silver, blue sapphire earrings [Disk 12.5mm] [$290]

Vintage flower - bangle

Sterling silver, blue sapphire bangle [Disk 17mm, 3mm round wire] [$430]

Vintage flower - onyx

Sterling silver, onyx bead, blue sapphire neckpiece [$460]

Vintage flower - pointy

Sterling silver, blue sapphire ring [Disk 14mm] [$260]

Vintage flower - large hook

Sterling silver, blue sapphire earrings [Disk 15mm, total length 25mm] [$330]

Vintage flower - Chrysoprase

Sterling silver, Chrysoprase bead, yellow sapphire neckpiece [12mm disk, total length 42cm] [$390]

Flower disk round

Sterling silver oxidised, blue sapphire ring [Disk 35mm, band width 4mm] [$610]

Vintage flower - oval

Sterling silver, onyx bead, yellow sapphire neckpiece [$570]

Vintage flower - garnet

Sterling silver, garnet ring [Disk 13.5mm] [$260]

Vintage pointed flower

Sterling silver, red sapphire pendant [Disk 14mm] [$260]

Vintage flower – square

Sterling silver, blue sapphire pendant [Square 25mm, snake chain 45cm] [$330]

Texture square cufflink

Sterling silver cufflinks [18mm] [$310]

Double texture

Sterling silver, black diamond ring [$690/$POA]

Texture square black

Oxidised sterling silver cufflink [18mm] [$310]

Katheryn Leopoldseder

The Vintage Leather Stamp Series emerged from a collection of discarded vintage leather working tools. Employing the age-old 'Lost Wax' casting technique, I am able to capture a critical moment when pressing the hot tool into wax. The cast wax is then solidified into sterling silver, yellow and white gold, capturing the fluidity of the molten wax into a permanent material. Due to these molten qualities, each piece is unique.

The leather tools themselves are now rare and collectible items. Harnessing the refined characteristics of vintage tooling compliments my desire to reclaim objects and stories that have been lost. Where once these motifs decorated bags, clothes and leather bound books; reinterpreting their function transforms them to precious objects worn on the skin.

Artist’s Bench