Helen Dilkes

Unity - Multiplicity 1

18ct yellow gold resin SLA, pearlescent pigment earrings [$660]

Unity - Multiplicity 2

Oxidised s/s Nylon SLS acrylic paint earrings [$370]

Unity - Multiplicity - Mildura Dust

Oxidised silver, Nylon SLS acrylic paint Siena & Umber earrings [$370]

Helen Dilkes

The Australian sap green, silver, and pearlescent Unity-multiplicity earrings, come out of my PhD research titled Non-Euclidean transformations… multiplicity in a contemporary art jewellery practice. They are iteration 1 of a limited edition of earrings that develop the self-intersecting surface idea, and are my expression of temporal-spatial continuum. I combined machine and hand made techniques, where the detail of surface is key, rather than the overall form. So from a distance you see form and colour, and close-up you are drawn to detail of surface. Rather than binaries I think of reciprocity between handmade/ machine-made, rapid/slow, surface/form, process/product.

I look beyond the (jewellery) object to process. Conceptually I rotate a straight line around a boundary curve as I draw on the computer screen, so lines become surface, and surface becomes surfaceform. A machine (3d) prints each surface, each surface differently, quickly but slowly, extending material in space (within a bed of nylon powder or a bath of liquid resin), in time. I hand apply multiple layers of paint or pigment and hand fabricate metal ear fittings. My body,technology/tool, and material facilitate each piece. Me, you and the piece collaborate in the wearing of this art jewellery.

Artist’s Bench