Gary Barnes

Peacock Eye - Tsavorite Garnet

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Tsavorite Garnet [14 x 30.5mm] [$2,100]

Granule Neckpiece

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Yellow Sapphire [17.5 x 27mm, 50cm chain] [$1,950]

Peacock Tail

18ct Yellow Gold, Australian Blue Sapphire, Parti Sapphire, White Diamond [14.8 x 20.4mm, 3.2mm band] [$8,930]

Peacock Eye – Rhodolite Garnet

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, 9ct Rose Gold, Rhodolite Garnet [15.3 x 26mm, 61mm chain] [$1,100]

Peacock Eye

9ct yellow gold, oxidised sterling silver earrings [12 x 28mm] [$680]

Peacock eye - Sapphire

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, Ceylon Sapphire [15 x 26.2mm, 46cm chain] [$1,390]

Peacock Eye – 2

Oxidised Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose Gold [30 x 12.35mm] [$440]

Diamond Orbit

18ct Yellow Gold, Diamond [11.75 x 15.1mm, 46cm chain] [$1,300]

Peacock Eye – Platinum

Platinum, 22ct Yellow Gold, Sapphire [12.4 x 28mm] [$2,800]

Pavé Orbit

18ct Rose, White, Yellow gold, Sapphire, Diamond [11.84mm wide setting, 2.84mm band] [$3,400]

Orbit Drop

9ct yellow gold, 9ct white gold, Ceylon blue Sapphires [23.2 x 7.2mm] [$760]

Orbit Studs

18ct Yellow Gold, White Diamond [8.7 x 7.1mm] [$1,300]

Peacock Feather

18ct Yellow Gold, Tsavorite Garnet, Ruby [20 x 15.6mm, 2.2mm band] [$7,340]

Rose Orbit

Oxidised sterling silver, 9ct rose gold pendant [14.2 x 17.7mm, 45cm chain] [$500]

Orbit - Diamond 2

9ct yellow gold, diamond [7.3mm wide setting, 2.4mm band] [$1,310]

Orbit – white set

18ct white gold, blue sapphire ring [] [$1,530]  
18ct white gold, diamond ring [] [$1,530]  

Orbit inlay

18ct yellow gold, white gold inlay ring [6.4mm band] [$2,240]

Orbit – diamond set

18ct white gold, diamond ring [] [$1,540]  
18ct rose gold, diamond ring [] [$1,480]  

Orbit - round and oval

18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [] [$1,260]  
18ct white gold diamond rings [] [$1,540]  

Gary Barnes

Gary studied jewellery at Stellenbosch University under master jeweller Dieter Dill, and thereafter worked for a few select jewellers, honing traditional and contemporary techniques, before starting his own collections.

I have been very fortunate in the people I have studied and worked with. All have shared their technical knowledge and design inspirations freely. Jewellery is an emotional statement by the wearer, showing who they are, what ‘tribe’ they belong to, and what they value. So the pieces need to match the wearer’s aesthetic, mean something to them, and be technically well constructed so that they can withstand wear and tear of day to day use, and get enjoyed for many years, possibly many generations. What I love most is when someone tells me they like to wear my piece every day.

‘Orbits’ collection was originally inspired by our galaxy – moons circling planets, planets orbiting suns, gravitational pulls which hold things together, often elliptically, but with a symmetry and rules that govern their nature. I’ve tried to capture this with clean, elegant lines and cantilevered placement of the stones and the interdependencies of gravitational pull by constructing pieces that can be worn on their own, or fit into each other.

Artist’s Bench