Bridget Kennedy

Double loop drop

Sterling silver earrings [22.21 x 52.13mm] [$190]

Pebble band

14ct yellow gold, diamond ring [3.1 x 2.2mm band, 1.14mm at rear] [$1,160]

Open loop drop

sterling silver earrings [21.43 x 57mm] [$175]

Palawan pebble band

18ct rose gold ring [2.23 x 1.75mm] [$670]

Fine pebble / Medium pebble 1

14ct yellow gold ring [1.75mm x D 1.5mm] [$510]
9ct white gold ring [3.3-3.6mm x 1.75mm] [$670]

Medium pebble 2

9ct white gold ring [3.3-3.6 x 1.75mm] [$670]


Gold plated sterling silver stud earrings [9.36 x 23.52mm] [$180]

Open drop

Sterling silver earrings [10.68 x 25.44mm] [$100]

Small drop

Sterling silver earrings [15 x 27mm] [$180]

Small pebbles

Sterling silver stud earrings [8.8mm] [$100]

Blue topaz pebble

Sterling silver, blue topaz pendant [6.8 x 10.18mm, chain length 45cm] [$190]

Gold plated pebbles

gold plated sterling silver stud earrings [9mm] [$130]

11 Pebble ring

9ct white gold, pink sapphire [3.1 x 2.2mm band, 1.55mm at rear] [$610]

Bridget Kennedy

Bridget Kennedy is an Australian contemporary artist, currently living and working in Sydney. With a background as a painter and contemporary jeweller, the use of diverse, non-precious and organic materials with traditionally precious materials in her exhibition work continues an ongoing enquiry into environmental fragility, impermanence, choice, social expectations and value. An emphasis on materials and exploration allows the physical act of making to partly drive the outcome.

Bridget’s formative years of early childhood were spent in Fiji and the South Pacific. With cultural ties to the Philippines through her life partner, these influences and exchanges have informed her practice.

The Pebbles range was inspired by a walk along a pebbled beach in Palawan, Philippines. At the end of the beach was a beautiful and cooling freshwater waterfall which fell into cascading waterholes, before merging with the saltwater of the ocean

Artist’s Bench